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Welcome to The Drunken Walk, a new podcast series exploring the journey of the media entrepreneur! At Matter, we know that success doesn’t happen because of a perfect plan. Hypothesis-testing, action, learnings, and adjustments are all a necessary part of innovation. And sometimes the dead-ends and changes of direction don’t make sense until viewed in retrospect, as a “drunken walk” full of highs and lows. In this series, we’re bringing you the personal narratives of 6 inspiring entrepreneurs, unpacking the messiness of what it takes to build something from scratch. You can subscribe on iTunes, or listen on SoundCloud.

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We start with Danielle Morrill, co-founder and CEO of Mattermark, in conversation with our Managing Partner, Corey Ford, and an audience of early-stage media entrepreneurs from our last class. Before she started Mattermark, Morrill dropped out of community college, worked in global logistics, was employee #1 at cloud communications startup Twilio, and shut down Referly, the online referrals company she built with her husband, less than a year after graduating from Y-Combinator. Her story is disarmingly honest and full of sass, loaded with great entrepreneurial advice for founders at any stage of their drunken walk.

The Drunken Walk is a series of live fireside chats, blog posts, and podcasts from Matter Ventures, the world’s only independent startup accelerator for media entrepreneurs. Click here to subscribe on iTunes.

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