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Welcome to the next installment of our 6-part podcast series sharing the personal stories that illustrate the tumultuous journey of the media entrepreneur.

Our guest this week, Chloe Sladden, has worked as an assistant to a literary agent, a management consultant in media, a director of documentary film, a VP at Current TV and Twitter, an angel investor and a startup mentor. She is currently on the board of Gannett. She has negotiated the intersections of media, technology, storytelling, and entrepreneurship with rare agility, working both within major media brands, and under her own steam as a founder.

Her fireside chat with Matter Managing Partner Corey Ford, and our audience of early-stage media entrepreneurs, reveals her unique insights into the sometimes uneasy relationship between those spheres.

“I never, ever let anything go. Relentlessness is my middle name. So I just went underground.”
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Chloe Sladden draws out her “drunken walk”. Incidentally it was the highs and lows she outlined here that inspired the shape of the melody for our podcast jingle!

The Drunken Walk is a series of live fireside chats, blog posts, and podcasts from Matter Ventures, the world’s only independent startup accelerator for media entrepreneurs.

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