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We’re back with another incredible media entrepreneur whose story of scrappiness and tenacity shows that, with the right mindset, anything is possible. Melissa Bell is one of the co-founders of, Vox Media’s news and opinion website, which she and Ezra Klein first started working on in the newsroom at The Washington Post. It was later launched, in just 9 short weeks, as part of the Vox Media empire.

Melissa is now the organization’s Publisher, a role that combines her strengths as both a journalist and a technologist. She sits at the heart of the discussion about what a multi-vertical company should be in a multi-platform world. She also personifies Vox Media’s experimental culture, which encourages collaboration and cross-pollination between editorial and product, and, like Matter, tries to create a safe space in which to fail.

“We want to allow for all of our team members to be sort of like their own centers of innovation and experimentation with this a centralized idea of, how do you provide more context?”

In this podcast you will hear Melissa’s fireside chat with our Managing Partner, Corey Ford, and be taken on her journey from fledgling reporter in India to one of the most influential figures in media innovation today.

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The Drunken Walk is a series of live fireside chats, blog posts, and podcasts from Matter Ventures, the world’s only independent startup accelerator for media entrepreneurs.

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