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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that, as an early stage entrepreneur, the better you know how investors think, the better you’ll know how to pitch to them when you’re fundraising. That’s why we have Matt Hartman, Partner at Betaworks, on this final episode of our first podcast series.

Betaworks is the quintessential media/tech investment firm, with an added twist: it also develops its own products in an adjacent studio. It has spun out a slew of successful media startups including Giphy, Chartbeat, and Dots, and it’s also invested in early-stage media companies such as the audio broadcasting app, Anchor, and Parlio, which was acquired by Quora last year (and in which Matter also invested).

Matt has a fascinating founder story in his own right, having been a software developer and entrepreneur in the real estate sector before crossing over to join Betaworks as an investor. As such he combines deep insight into the most exciting top-down trends in the media industry with empathy for the entrepreneur trying to raise funding at a challenging time.

“We’re in this weird kind of uncanny future […] Part of the reason I wonder if it’s not hard to raise money right now is that there are things that are very derivative at one side and also kind of early at the other side.”
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