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In this episode of The Drunken Walk, a series that follows the ups and downs of what it means to be an entrepreneur, we spoke with Gaby Darbyshire, Principal at Framestore Ventures. Gaby sat down with Roxann Stafford, our Director of Program in New York City, to speak in front of an audience of Matter Eight entrepreneurs who just started their 20-week journey through with us.

Before Gaby was Principal at Framestore Ventures she was Co-Founder and COO at Gawker, and before that she studied physics and mathematics—at one point she was even a barrister. Her long, impressive, and varied journey is an inspiration for anyone embarking on the journey to start their own venture (or even just starting to think about it). Her best advice for making it through the drunken walk of the entrepreneur is to surround yourself by people who are honest.

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*A previous version misstated Gaby’s title at Gawker. She was Co-Founder and COO, not Founder & CEO.

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